Startup Teams is an online platform based in Indonesia that enables potential car buyers to spend just two minutes, on any device, to find their dream car at their dream price. Unlike other online marketplaces, which inundate car buyers with pictures, prices and information, provides a medium to connect genuine car buyers with genuine car sellers in the most efficient way possible. also enables car sellers to reach potential buyers without having the need to upload their products, saving them time and preventing price exposure to competition.


Hypetap is a platform that connects an invitation only network of agencies, brands and influencers to work on marketing campaigns together. A full suite of management tools allows brands and agencies to easily find influencers, negotiate, facilitate payments, track results, and project manage their campaigns. Influencers on Hypetap gain access to relevant brands they can create content with, allowing them to form relationships and generate revenue.


NoteXchange is an online platform that helps facilitate peer-to-peer learning through the exchange of student notes. Our aim is to effect real change in the educational system by fostering collaborative learning and increasing understanding amongst students.


Sound is an essential part of the human experience. At nuraloop, we know that people hear differently. Headphones powered by nuraloop know your ears, delivering sound that’s perfect for you.


Jobbop allows employers to hire the highest quality ICT candidates in under a fortnight. Candidates potentially receive multiple offers from the best tech companies, while employers spend only a few hours hiring for each role. The experience for candidates and employers alike is unparalleled.


Relectrify focuses on making energy storage affordable. Advanced management systems hold the key to unlocking significant value in battery storage. Prospective applications include giving pre-used batteries from electric cars a second life in solar energy storage.


Parkhound is an online community where members can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers. Local residents and businesses make money from leasing an empty parking space and drivers get a cost effective and hassle free parking experience.

Eira Biotech

Eira Biotech is a pharmaceutical research company focused on developing nanocarriers that can deliver therapeutics into anatomically difficult to reach sites. Using these novel nanocarriers we aim to treat inner-ear neuronal degeneration, improving outcomes for patients with permanent hearing loss.


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