Startup Teams


Scann3d is a 3D visualisation service to pioneer the next generation of real estate marketing content. Our website and mobile app allow homebuyers to experience the 3D virtual inspections as if they were physically there.

Quanticare Technologies

Quanticare Technologies creates solutions for healthcare that enable data driven clinical encounters through the development of novel monitoring and tracking technology. Our first product is a sensor system for walking frames that will facilitate better mobility and help prevent falls in the elderly.


Pathobin is a digital pathology hub paired with a scanning robot that makes it easy and affordable to digitise microscope slides. Pathobin improves patient diagnosis, cancer research and education through digital pathology.


FinancialAsk makes financial advice accessible and affordable for everyone. We connect financial advisors with those seeking advice through our platform to empower those who could not previously afford it.


Brosa is a marketplace that helps industrial designers manufacture and sell unique homeware products to consumers who are tired of buying from generic mass manufactured brands.


xLabs is developing a world-first eye-gaze tracking software that works with a single ordinary webcam. The software knows what you’re looking at as you sit in front of your computer, without restricting your movement or needing continual recalibration. It will be released as a software development kit to create a community of applications for the gaze-aware web.


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